The Company


  • The "Tranceria ligure" was borned in the 1970, and from that date has been hardly working in the cutting area of magnetic knifes.
    Such industry is nowadays specialized mainly in the transformer's knifes, but also make this articles for no standarts motors.
    In 1990 starting supplying the automobilistic area "Automotive" with excellent results.
    In 1994 licensed in Italy the rapid assemble system named "Pack System" and such license came extended to the European community and to the U.S.A. some years later
    In 1996 it was certificated Iso 9002.
    Thanks to the experienced acquired in all this years of activities andthe continous research of new technical solutions of last generations the " Tranceria ligure" today is able to make packages and singles knifes in the most efficient and rational way guaranteen the higher quality and best price.
    In 2003 it was certificated Iso 9001.